Retirement today is not about coming to a full stop. Retirement today is about no longer doing what you have to do and to start doing what you want to do! Living a healthy life full of activity, relationships, and purpose is the magic ingredient to a well-balanced retirement. People need to keep moving, stay engaged, and do all they can to treat their bodies and their minds as their most important assets.

Aging is not a one-way ticket to poor health, loneliness, boredom, and a declining quality of life. There are a number of measures people can take now and carry through their entire life that will greatly increase the odds that their senior years will continue to be healthy, productive, and rewarding. The journey to a healthy and balanced lifestyle can begin at any age. Explore lifestyle topics related to wellness, travel, discounts, diet, exercise and more as part of your journey to Retire Like a Genius!

The Importance of Daily Routine

Getting older doesn’t have to mean a life without companionship, mental stimulation, good health, and purpose. With just a little motivation and effort, there are a variety of actions people…

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