Aging vibrantly is about living your best life, having the physical and mental health to enjoy it, and the many perks that come with it. Membership organizations and businesses across the country open up a new world of benefits and discounts to seniors at places they may visit frequently. Taking advantage of these opportunities can be both smart and enjoyable for those looking to stretch their dollars, stay healthy, or indulge in the perks of fine dining and travel.

Here’s a guide to just some of the numerous senior discounts that await you, including what they are, the types of businesses and organizations that offer them, and how you can qualify.

What Are Senior Discounts?

Senior discounts are a great way to maintain your budget and enjoy the benefits that come with being an older adult. Taking advantage of them may even reduce your retirement costs and free up funds for other activities. Discounts are found across a wide spectrum of things like dining, entertainment, travel, and even groceries from popular stores and other organizations. Finding out if the places you visit regularly offer senior discounts is a smart way to save money without changing your lifestyle.

At What Age Can You Get Senior Citizen Discounts?

Some senior discounts are based solely on age, with eligibility often starting at the age of 50. An individual must be 65 to officially claim Medicare and Social Security benefits, but many senior discounts and perks start much earlier. If you enroll in an AARP or Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) membership on your 50th birthday, you’ll have a head start on cashing in on senior discounts. Not all membership organizations provide discounts based on age, such as AAA, but membership in these organizations is a smart investment because the value from the benefits and discounts is so high compared to the low cost of annual dues.

For other discounts, age requirements vary based on the company, organization, and location and range anywhere from 50 to 65, but some places aren’t strict with their age requirements. If you’re not sure about your eligibility, it never hurts to ask. Not all businesses advertise their discounts for older adults, so simply asking before your purchase can go a long way. Don’t forget to bring your senior citizen ID card when you go shopping, as some places may ask before applying any promotions.

What Are the Best Senior Discounts?

Some discounts are only available on specific dates or times, while others last all year long, so always double check in advance about the availability before making purchase decisions. To maximize your savings and make the most out of your purchase—no matter how small or large—make sure to use restaurant, grocery store, retail, and all other discounts. Remain mindful that discount policies change, at both the national and local level, from time to time. We recommend asking about applicability beforehand so there aren’t any surprises.

Restaurant Senior Discounts

Restaurants are an easy place to snag a senior discount, from senior menus to early dinner discounts. A lot of chain restaurants are independently owned, so discounts or promotions tend to vary by location, and can include percent or fixed discounts on meal purchases, specially discounted items, and other perks. If your favorite restaurant doesn’t offer a senior discount, see if you can enroll in their free membership rewards program so you can earn free food, coupons, and discounted meals.

2022 List of Senior Discounts at Restaurants

Grocery Store Senior Citizen Discounts

Shopping at a grocery store that offers a senior discount is a savvy way to save money and trim your spending. While some major retailers have discontinued the days of senior discounts, several still offer savings for older shoppers.

2022 List of Senior Discounts at Grocery Stores

Travel Senior Discounts

Several airlines, car rental companies, and other transportation services offer discounts for seniors traveling to select destinations. Several hotels, motels, and inns also offer senior discounts to continue the fun that comes with traveling. Be sure to call ahead or check the company’s website for the most up-to-date information before completing your booking.

2022 List of Senior Travel Discounts


Rail and Bus:

Car Rental:

Overnight Accommodations

Entertainment Senior Discounts

Heading out to a night at the movies or planning a trip to a theme park with the grandkids? Make sure you check ahead of time if you can save at theaters, theme parks, and other entertainment venues.

2022 List of Senior Discounts for Activities and Entertainment:

Other Senior Discounts

Many retailers offer senior discounts older shoppers can use on certain days of the month. Those dates are typically announced in sale flyers, newsletters, and other forms of advertising.

2022 List of Senior Discounts for Retail and Apparel

2022 List of Senior Cell Phone and Other Miscellaneous Discounts:

senior discountsMaking the Most of Senior Citizen Discounts

As these lists show, there’s a world of senior discounts out there for you. It can literally pay to ask about savings opportunities wherever you go, including larger chain establishments and smaller mom-and-pop stores. Don’t assume senior discounts will be applied automatically or be offered to you if you appear to be eligible, as workers don’t want to risk offending customers. Many communities publish special senior discount cards or other types of savings programs in weekly newsletters, so if your favorite restaurant, grocery store, or pharmacy publishes one, you should consider signing up.

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Many policyholders tap into cash-value life insurance for a number of reasons, but mainly to build a cushion for their retirement. Also known as permanent life insurance, cash-value life insurance policies provide both a death benefit and a cash-value accumulation during the policyholder’s lifetime. Selling a policy that is no longer needed, or that you can no longer comfortably afford, can provide you with the cash to live your life more enjoyable, and cash in with senior discounts.

Reverse Mortgage
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Living and enjoying life in your later years doesn’t have to break the bank. It never hurts to ask questions when you’re shopping, especially if potential savings are on the line. By knowing what’s available to you, you can better plan your retirement spending and make the most out of your hard-earned money. Senior discounts help ease the stress that comes with transitioning into retirement, and have the bonus of making you feel like a valued customer.

Senior discounts are a clever way to get the most out of your retirement funds, but there are also ways to boost your income in retirement. The experts at Retirement Genius can talk you through your options including senior discounts, life settlements, reverse mortgages, annuities, and more. Contact the experts at Retirement Genius today to start discussing your retirement plan.