Twelve Gift Ideas for your Senior Loved Ones

As we approach the holiday gift giving season here are a dozen ideas to give something to senior aged loved ones that provide financial and personal security, health, nourishment, entertainment, and lasting value.

1. Identity Protection

Seniors are often a target of scammers trying to steal their sensitive personal information to use for financial theft. Give your loved ones identity theft protection and insure them against the financial and credit damage that could come from cyber criminals seeking to prey on them.

2. Home Monitoring Systems (Internal or External)

Seniors are often at risk living home alone or far from family members making them vulnerable to injury, incapacitation, or victims of crimes and abuse. Give loved ones and yourself the gift of peace of mind knowing that an installed home monitoring systems can allow you to keep an eye on their safety from the inside and outside of their home.

3. Alexa Systems and Hands-Free Volume Controls

Voice controlled Smart Home Systems can become a valuable tool making people’s lives at home easier. With a simple command, your loved ones can check on weather and traffic updates, add to shopping and to-do lists, ask for sports scores and schedules, and double-check on recipes. They can also be used for hands-free controls of things such as thermostats, lighting, appliances, and can be used for security and monitoring.

4. Streaming Entertainment and Music

There is a world of entertainment available through TV’s, phones, and computers. Give the gift of streaming service subscriptions for movies and original programming as well as music platforms with millions of songs from artists across all generations. The value of the limitless entertainment is priceless for loved ones that are spending more time at home now, and families can spend time remotely enjoying entertainment together.

5. Prepared Meals

No matter anyone’s age we all love great food, and it always tastes better when it is prepared for us! A great gift for your loved ones would be a subscription to prepared foods that can be sent to their home requiring only simple assembly and heating. Maybe take it to the next level and have a local cook come to the home and prepare and serve fresh meals, or drop them off at the front door hot and ready to eat.

6. Groceries and Fresh Produce/Meats Delivered

For some seniors who love to cook, one of the more challenging daily tasks could be doing grocery shopping and getting fresh meats and produce. Give the gift of a grocery delivery service or sign up for regular delivery of local produce, meats, and dairy products. Don’t let challenges around getting groceries stop someone from preparing and enjoying delicious, healthy meals.

7. Property Maintenance

One of the biggest challenges for seniors living alone is upkeep of the home. Give the gift of housekeeping, lawn maintenance, and/or a fixit person who can come by the house on a regular basis to make sure everything is staying in ship shape. It will keep your loved ones happy, safe, and maintain the value of the property.

8. Global Rescue Travel Insurance

If you have senior loved ones who like to travel, a great gift would be travel insurance and/or a global rescue plan. If there is an accident or a health event they will have medical coverage, and if it becomes necessary to get someone home quickly from a faraway location these plans will make it happen without breaking the bank.

9. Physical Trainer

There is nothing more important for someone’s health and longevity than exercise, but for many people they are unsure what to do and struggle getting motivated to do it. There are trainers that can be hired who specialize in working with seniors who can either work with your loved one at a gym, a park, or could come to the home. With guidance and a regular routine to work on movement, balance, and strength you could improve and extend the life of your loved one for years.

10. True Freedom Plan

If you ask almost anyone, they would tell you they want to remain at home throughout their life. Unfortunately, far too few people have prepared for the eventuality of long-term care and eventually find themselves unable to stay in their homes independently. True Freedom plans are a club-like subscription that, for a monthly fee, will cover non-medical home care support. As an alternative for people who don’t have long-term care insurance or life insurance policies they can use for an LTC-life settlement, these plans require no underwriting and can be set up for automatic monthly payments.

11. AARP and AAA

Membership with these long-standing institutions are inexpensive but provide a wealth of benefits. Getting a membership for loved ones will give them access to discounts, services, information, insurance, automotive services and roadside assistance, travel planning, and much more value and opportunities to explore.

This holiday season give gifts to your senior aged love ones that will provide meaningful value to their lives long after the decorations have come down.

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Chris Orestis

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